Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

Facade of Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

The Shrine is named Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life and Pope John II Youth Center. It is a fulfillment of the Pope's dream to have a center for the young people expressed during the world Youth Day Celebration of 1995. Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life was the message of the Pope to our young people. From this, the shrine got its name. The Shrine and Youth Center is a project of His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila whose love for the Youth reflects that of the Pope. The land and the church was donated and built by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sy, Sr. of the Shoe Mart Group of Companies. It was consecrated and dedicated on July 9, 1999 by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin with the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Antonio Franco, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal of Cebu, the Archbishops and Bishops of the Philippines and the People of God especially the young. On the same day, the first Shrine Rector was installed in the person of the Rev. Msgr. Bobby C. Canlas.

The Shrine and the Youth Center is a fitting monument to the unprecedented attendance of the Holy Father's Mass in Luneta Park, wherein more than six million people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, gathered to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with the Pope.

The Baroque-Czechoslovakian inspired shrine is dedicated to the Young People of the land. The main altar has an oil painting depicting the Finding of Jesus at the Temple. This event occurred when Jesus was a young man of twelve years old.

Interior of Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

At the left side of the altar is the image of St. Dominic Savio, a pupil of St. John Bosco, who said, I'd rather die than commit sin. He died at a young age of fifteen years old. On the right side is the image of St. Maria Gorretti, who was murdered at twelve years old by an attempted rapist.

Enclosed in a glass at the center of the Altar table is the stone blessed by the Holy Father during his Mass at the Reclamation Area. Cardinal Sin then announced that it would be the cornerstone of a youth center to be built and named after the Pope. The Shrine and Center is now a reality.

The Shrine also has a Baptistry on the left wing and an Adoration Chapel on the right wing.

Altar of Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

The Pope John Paul II Center is located beneath the church. And it aims to provide formation programs, retreats and recollections, seminars, recreation or simply a place to be together to remember the love of the Pope for all of us.

May the Shrine and Youth Center ever inspire us the tell the world of God's love.

Excerpt from Shrines, Incarnating Christ Today. St. Paul Philippines, 2004. Photos from,,

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